5 Reasons You Need a Busylight in Your Office

Have you ever been in the middle of completing an important task only to be interrupted by a work friend wanting to catch up after the weekend? These interruptions can be a huge productivity killer in the workplace. A lot of the time, the reason such interruptions occur is because your colleagues are unaware that you are currently preoccupied.

The growth in the use of headsets as opposed to handsets can be seen as a contributing factor in the growth of workplace interruptions. Workers who use headsets probably find they get interrupted more frequently. This is because when a worker is on call, a handset held against their ear is a universal sign to their co-workers that they are on call. As a result, they should not be disrupted. However, because more and more workers have made the transition to wireless headsets, it is much harder for work colleagues to discern whether their colleague is available or unavailable.

Thankfully, purchasing a busylight is an adequate solution to this problem. They are sometimes referred to as an on-line indicator that connects to your headset, phone, laptop and PC. Indeed, their purpose is to minimise interruptions during phone calls, which allows you to concentrate on important tasks and relieve you of the frustration that occurs when you are disrupted.



Alerts others of your availability

A busylight signals your availability. If the indicator turns red or starts flashing, it means you are currently unavailable and preoccupied with urgent work. Other automated signals include a colour scheme, in which green means you are available, yellow means you are on hold, purple for unavailable and white for any technical faults. Some models allow you to manually turn on the signal indicator or have it automatically sync to your system. You even have the flexibility to customize the colours.


Eliminates unwanted interruptions

Using a busylight will prevent you and your colleagues from interrupting each other. It will also help you maintain your concentration and minimize awkward interactions with customers on call.


Improve employee morale

A busylight will also help reduce the frustration caused by interruptions. A work environment that is constantly frustrated does not bode well for morale and culture.  It also helps build cohesiveness and seamless collaboration in the office by illustrating to others when it is an appropriate time to talk and work together.


Increase work efficiency and productivity

Installing a busylight for every employee could do wonders for your employee efficiency and productivity, which translates to a higher bottom line. By eliminating workplace interruptions, you will ensure that no sale leads are lost over the course of the financial year. In addition, improving the level of team communication can promote greater collaboration, team work and group efficiency.




Easy implementation

The type of busylight you want will vary in accordance to what type of workplace you operate in and your relative needs. Some models stand separately, whereas others use double sided tape for securing to a surface or can be attached to your laptop or PC. Some models even come with a cord so you can stretch it across your desk or place it on top of your cubicle. You should position your busylight so it is visible to those approaching your desk or office. This makes it easier for them evaluating whether you are available or not. A simple visual cue and they’ll know immediately. Thankfully, a busylight is relatively cheap, with prices ranging from $30-90.

Hence, signal indicators are simple to use and implement in any working environment. With them, your workplace will benefit greatly, leading to less interruptions and enhanced office productivity.