Concerned About the Safety of Your Backyard? Get an Arborist Report ASAP

Are you concerned about the safety of your backyard? Are there a lot of trees and vegetation that could prove a hazard during intense thunderstorms and high strength winds? If this is the case, it is definitely worth while organizing an arborist report for your backyard or property. There are many benefits of contacting a tree surgeon for their advice regarding the relative safety of any trees on your property. Here are several reasons why you should do just that if you are somewhat concerned about the safety of your home and family during poor weather conditions.


Increase the strength of your case

You can’t simply have a tree removed from your property without convening with the local council or government beforehand. If you don’t lodge a formal application with your council, you can face serious and incredibly expensive fines, particularly if you cut down a tree that is listed on a heritage list. Having said this, there are certain things you can do without government approval. You are able to prune most trees on your property, and you can actually cut back branches if they overhang your property or roof.

Ultimately, if you need to have a tree removed, an arborist report will greatly increase the strength of your case and improve your chances of a positive outcome. This is because a certified arborist report is generally viewed as a very compelling piece of evidence from an expert witness.


Improve the safety of your household


During inclement weather conditions, the safety and security of your home may be compromised by hazardous trees or foliage. If these trees are disrupted and collapse onto your home, the damage costs can be extreme. Naturally, you want to avoid this situation as much as possible. This is why a qualified arborist report can go a long way in bolstering the safety of your home during even the most rugged and devastating climatic events.

Having said this, very old trees can be a hazard during mild seasons and climates. This is because their branches are often flimsy and can break quite easily. This can be extremely dangerous if you are hosting an event on your property or there are young children playing in your backyard. You want to ensure that your property is as safe as possible. If you do not require an entire arborist report, you can ask your local tree surgeon to just perform a routine safety audit to verify and/or identify any existing hazards.


Easier to introduce infrastructure developments

If you live in a densely populated residential area, you want an easy and stress-free way of entering and leaving your premises. If you have a poorly structured and designed driveway, then commuting to and from your home can be a real struggle. Organising to have a new driveway installed on your property may require some form of council approval, particularly if it is going to disrupt the root network of trees.

In this case, you should get in contact with a qualified tree doctor, who can perform a routine root investigation and include it in a certified arborist report. Indeed, they can pinpoint where all the tree roots are and ensure that your infrastructure project does not compromise the natural environment and vice versa. They can create a detailed map that can guide all necessary excavation work.


Can a tree doctor remove a tree from my home?

A tree surgeon is qualified in assessing the relative safety of trees and providing recommendations in ensuring this security is maintained. However, they are not qualified in physically removing a tree. An arborist report, however, is still very important if you need a tree removed from your private land!