Prescription Sunglasses to Be Using this Summer

What’s so great about prescription sunglasses? Here are our top reasons why the right eyewear will come in handy this summer…

  1. Clearer vision in daylight
  2. Protection from glare and irritants
  3. Corrective lens and UV protection in one
  4. Preserve eyesight and health

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Prescription sunglasses come in all shapes and sizes, and vary in lens type, colour, frame, curvature, coating, and features like nose pieces. This has varying practical value, and means many options to style your eyewear.

Prescription sunglasses mean you can enjoy the outdoor activities you love without having to worry about not seeing clearly. You can have fun in the sun, in the water, and out in nature, in both comfort and style.

Check out our suggested eyewear features for these popular summer pastimes…


  1. Golf

In sports like golf, there’s lots of motion, sun exposure, and close eye on the ball.

A brown/amber lens can absorb UV rays and improve contrast. A violet lens on the other hand can help with ball visibility. Whatever the lens you choose, make sure you can clearly tell different greens apart.

An anti-reflective coating may come in handy to counteract a harsh UV glare. An anti-scratch coat will protect your eyes from kicked up dirt. A nose piece will come in handy to stop eyewear falling off when you swing.


  1. Beach

Sun, sand, wind, sea spray and salt. The beach can be a recipe for irritated eyes when it comes to contact lenses.

If you’re a beach lover, invest in some saltwater safe lenses and frames, with scratch-resistant coating for abrasive grains of sand. A durable frame with rubber temples and nose pieces may also come in handy to keep your prescription sunglasses in place.


  1. Boating

Some specs companies sell prescription sunglasses specially for boating. Sometimes even  ocean yachting. Such eyewear has polarized lenses to make them UV resistant, have straps to keep them comfortably in place, and have wraparound frames to shield your eyes from water, salt and wind.


  1. Driving

Similarly, find eyewear ranges for driving, built for both style and safety. Prescription sunglasses are fitted with polarized lenses to filter harsh daylight, and frames to dress these up. Wraparounds take care of sunlight creeping into your vision from all angles as you cruise around.

Driving at night? No worries. Anti-reflective lenses minimize glare from street lights and traffic. A yellow-tint may also help in seeing clearly and reducing harsh brightness.


  1. Swimming

Prescription sunglasses come in goggle form too, for those who fancy a swim in the sea or dip in the pool. Water is bound to irritate eyes with contact lens, or put you at risk of picking up an eye infection.

Save yourself the stinging and puffy eyes (made worse thanks to the salt and chlorine) and choose the right swim goggles. See clearly and comfortably in water. After all, even the 20/20 visionaries are ‘legally blind’ underwater.

Special goggles and diving masks are built to enable light rays in water to stream into your eyes in a very focused way. To help with near and farsightedness, you can get goggles and masks with prescription lenses containing the exact measurements for you to see as clearly underwater as you do out.

There are prescription sunglasses out there that are right for almost any leisure activity! The only exception, unfortunately, is that there are yet to be corrective beer goggles on the market. Maybe one day! Until then, enjoy a variety of the summer activities you love with the large range of available eyewear.