Questions To Ask PR Companies In Sydney Before You Hire Them

Regardless if you are starting your company’s public relations strategy for the first time or if you want to change the current PR company in Sydney that you have got, it is important that you know what to look for. There are many factors that you need to consider before you hire one of these organisations as you will ultimately be working with them for an extended period of time. Which is why it is important that you get along with them and that they are able to provide their service professionally.

To help you narrow down all of the PR companies in Sydney, we have a couple of questions that you should be asking them before you sign on the dotted line.


What experience to you have in my industry?

While the skills of a PR company in Sydney are transferable across all industries it does help if the organisation that you are working with has specific experience to your industry. This will make a lot of the processes a lot easier as they will know what they are talking about rather than just creating a statement that they don’t fully understand.

Additionally this experience can be really useful if they have already created relationships with media channels that are relevant to your business. A process that may take up to months could be completed in mere days.


Who have you represented in the past?

When asking about previous clients you should be considering their size, field, industry and how long they have been working with this PR company in Sydney. This should give you an insight into how well they provide their service along with what previous industry experience they have.

You can also use this information to contact the previous or current clients directly to get their opinion on what the experience was like. Ask them how the relationship was and what type of results they were able to achieve when working with them.


What media channels will you be utilising?

social media channels

It’s crucial to understand the approach that the PR company in Sydney will take to your business. Each industry has different target audiences and how they are notified about your brand may differ. From such it is important to understand their strategy in reaching your target audience and is it relevant. A good example is if your target audience is millennial based, there’s little to no point in using their services in the print media channel.


How will you communicate with me?

Communication is very important when it comes to any kind of business agreement. You should be asking what methods and how often the PR company in Sydney will be contacting you. Will they email, phone or prefer to undergo face to face meetings. These are important factors to consider as it may not align with how you want to communicate which could jeopardise the relationship.

You also want to ask how available they will be to take your calls and whether you are restricted to talking to them during regular office hours. In the case of a public relations emergency will they be able to take your call at any time?

Hopefully by this point you have some ideas of what questions you should be asking PR companies in Sydney. One of the most important tips to consider when you are doing this process is to take your time with the whole ordeal. It is a large investment that you are shelling out so you want to be sure that the candidate that you do end up going with is an expert in what they do.