The Best Way to Prepare High Quality Wedding Cards that Your Guests Will Love

Getting married is a huge step in your life and one that you naturally would want to share with your closest friends and relatives. One major part of doing that is actually notifying your guest list that they’ve been welcomed to come along via some elegant and well-made wedding cards.

With all of the other, arguably more involved elements of your big day that you’ll need to plan, creating high quality wedding cards may be at the bottom of your priorities list. However; you need to put some effort into making sure your letters look professional and work to not only notify people they’re on the guest list but to get them excited for the celebration itself.

If you’re not an expert in flyer composition then you may not have a very good idea of where to begin when designing your wedding cards. Luckily, the following tips will help ensure that you create something that’s not only adequate but sets the tone for your marriage celebrations and gives your guest list a good idea of what they can expect.


Go with a professional printing company

If you’re prepared to spend a great deal of money on your marriage ceremony and everything that comes with it (catering, photography, entertainment, venue booking etc) then it’s not much more to ask for you to invest in professional wedding cards done by a printing company that specializes in them.

This kind of provider will have a range of choices available for you to select from in terms of pre-made templates that you can customize to your heart’s content. Every element including border, fonts and colours can be customized so that you end up with a creation that perfectly reflects your personality and design tastes.

Most of the best providers will allow you to create your wedding cards using an online toolkit that lets you play around with all the different options without needing to go through a middle-man. This gives you a lot of creative freedom to experiment with different drafts until you land on something ideal.

The added bonus with these services is that they’ll print and mail all of the letters for you so you can do everything in one-stop. For anyone stressing about completing this small but important element of their planning then one of these services are a lifesaver.


Enlist the help of a crafty friend or relative

If you’re on a tight budget then asking a friend or relative who’s good with crafts to design your wedding cards could be the winning ticket. The obvious risk here is that what they create may look amateurish and they’ll be heartbroken if your reject it, so be careful in how you ask for help.

Just because you are trusting someone close to you to do the job doesn’t mean you shouldn’t supervise it closely and put your input into the creative process. If they’re good at what they do they’ll be open to hearing your suggestions; it’s your big day after all, so they’ll most likely listen.

Also, don’t just assume that they are going to work for free; you should always offer them compensation from the beginning. They most likely will be happy to do it for free as a personal gift, but it’s always a good idea to make the offer to pay them. If they do it for free, make sure that you praise them in your speeches on the big day so they feel appreciated.

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Whatever you do, make sure it reflects your personality as a couple

No matter which route you take in preparing your wedding cards, the most important thing to remember is that they need to be an honest reflection of your personality as a couple. If the letters you send to your guests feel entirely alien to who you are and what you’re into aesthetically then it’s unlikely to convince people to get as excited.

For example, if you’re not very much into retro style motifs then it wouldn’t make sense to use an art deco theme. Similarly, if you hate bright and obnoxious colours then it wouldn’t make sense to do your wedding cards in hot pink or bright red.

Generally, you need to find a mix between formal elegance that’s appropriate to the event taking place and your own style. People are expecting something elegant looking that also has a hint of your personality.

While you may think the wedding cards are only a minor detail in a much bigger picture, doing them right is important for getting your guests on board with your ceremony early on so that they are genuinely excited to be attending. The above advice will help you in ensuring that you have wedding cards which everyone will love and even cherish as memorabilia.