What Constitutes the Best Paella Catering in Sydney?

It is a major call for any restaurant to announce to the rest of the market: ‘We have the best paella catering in Sydney money can buy!’

For a Spanish cuisine that is relatively new to patrons in Australia’s largest city, there are new outlets that are emerging every year to give visitors and locals a taste of something truly unique.

Developed in Valencia, this is a dish that mixes traditional rices and spices with prawns and seafood direct from the ocean floor.

This creates a delicious bowl that is perfect for meal time, offering an intoxicating aroma that can be smelt from far and wide, and particularly around corners and across city blocks.

But as a general patron looking for that meal to satisfy those cravings, how are you to know what constitutes the best paella catering in Sydney industry?

What are the defining features and how should you adjust your expectations accordingly?

Here we will take a closer examination of the characteristics and features that defines world-class paella food.


Chef Knowledge and Cooking Education

A Spanish cook who has a background cooking this dish will be best served to offer the best paella catering in Sydney. Falling short of that requirement, a young apprentice who has studied the intricacies of the item will be well served to provide attendees with a delicious offering that satisfies those cravings. Generations have passed on the cooking style and approach for paella from Valencia across Europe, into Asia and now to our shores here in Australia, but there is a ways and means of integrating the seafood and spices with the rice to provide that texture and taste to remember.



The more frozen ingredients are used in the dish, the stronger the indication for the patron that you have not stumbled on the best paella catering in Sydney. What is necessary in this setting is to source a restaurant that uses local and freshly sourced ingredients, from the selection of the seafood (prawns, fish, oysters) to the tomato, garlic, paprika, onion and thyme. If these items are sourced from local markets and not from supermarket packages, then the outlet can claim to already be ahead of the game.


Portion Sizes

One of the reasons why groups often gravitate to locations that market themselves as the best paella catering in Sydney is that the portion sizes are so suitable. Cooked in large fry pans that incorporate dozens of servings, this is a cuisine that can meet the needs of an entire family, selection of colleagues or friends on a night out on the town. There is never a dip in quality between the first to the last dish as these chefs ensure consistency throughout the mixture.


Healthy Meal Option

Continuing on our discussion about the ingredients that are utilised to source the best paella catering in Sydney, the end result should be a healthy dish that gives the patrons a number of health benefits to enjoy. This will include rich monounsaturated acids, Omega 3 fatty acids to reduce cholesterol, protein and carbohydrates that are all part of a healthy diet. Those patrons who have unique allergies or specific meal requirements will need to consult with their nutritionist before enjoying these meals, but they are widely embraced as a healthy meal alternative for Sydney locals and visitors.


Efficient Ordering Time

The turnaround time for the best paella catering in Sydney should be no longer than 30 minutes for a handful of guests. Especially during a busy period, there will be cooks who have the ingredients on hand and can cater to a large batch of customers with efficiency. This fast-paced ordering process is one of the enticing reasons why these restaurants are so popular, particularly when weighed against Italian, Vietnamese, Japanese and French restaurants.